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Location: http://www.xmsinostar.com/stone-mining-machine/wire-saw-machine/
Bio: Product description
Diamond wire saw machine is a equipment for wire sawing marble and granite quarries into blocks.This machine is very popular because of it's high production output,low running cost,automatic block mining,suitable for both marble and granite quarries.Here we will share something about installation and testing of stone diamond wire saw machine.
1:Mounted the diamond wire saw on the wire saw machine, and the diamond bead wire saw is relatively tightened. Pull the diamond bead wire saw by hand to see if the diamond bead wire saw rotates uniformly. If it rotates at a constant speed, the next step can be taken; otherwise, it should be checked again.
2:Start up the equipment and observe the jitter state of diamond bead wire saw. If the diamond bead wire saw jitters badly, the processing and installation accuracy of flywheel and guide wheel should be checked. Otherwise, it is easy to cause fatigue fracture of diamond bead wire saw.
3:This product is a sintered diamond bead wire saw. After using for a period of time, if the cutting speed decreases, a certain number of refractory bricks can be neatly placed on the mineral to make it sharp.
4:When diamond bead wire saw is cut, it must be cooled, otherwise it will burn beads, and the whole diamond bead wire saw will be discarded in serious cases. Tap water can be used for cooling. The best cooling water quantity is: at the exit of diamond bead wire saw, the cooling water quantity is 1.5-2 times the diameter of diamond bead wire saw. The operation can be adjusted according to the noise of cutting and turbidity of cooling water. The more cooling water is, the better. Excessive cooling water will easily affect the self-sharpening of diamond bead wire saw and make it slippery. Excessive cooling water will easily heat beads and affect cutting life.
Because of the unevenness of scrap, the stress concentration of diamond bead wire saw is easy to break at the beginning of cutting, and the surface accuracy of stone is affected. Therefore, when cutting a piece of waste material, the feed rate should be reduced by 20-30%, until the diamond bead wire saw completely enters the waste material, then the normal feed rate can be restored.
5:Diamond bead wire saw is a flexible tool, which determines that the efficiency is lower than that of circular saw blade. Therefore, we should not blindly pursue high cutting efficiency. Excessive cutting efficiency can easily lead to diamond bead wire saw breaking, blunting and shortening its life, and reduce the processing accuracy.The amount of cutting tool should be adjusted according to the hardness of stone, the working current and the width of waste material. The harder the stone, the greater the working current and the wider the waste, the lower the speed.
Product Details
Product Specifications
ModelMotor powerPower cord lengthWire speedApplication
DWS-37AX-8PG37KW20-800-30For granite
DWS-37AX-6PG37KW20-800-40For marble
DWS-110AX-8PG110KW40-1800-50Wire Saw Machine
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